CIPP I liner

The sleeve lining we offer is made of Advantex® fiberglass, impregnated in IZO/NPG (neopentyl glycol acid-based isophtalic resin) resin-based polyester mixture. As a result, it is more resistant to the aging process.

The curing process is based on thermal coopelymerization initialization which means that in practice a new pipe is cured by steam generators. Such composite is characterized not only by the excellent strength, but also by high chemical resistance.

Diameter range      DN150-DN1200
Wall thickness range      4mm-18mm
E01 Short-term module      12.000 N/mm2
E50 Long-term module      9000 N/mm2
Longitudinal tensile strength      147 N/mm2
Bending tensile strength      215 N/mm2
First crack bending deflection      2%