CIPP UV liner

Our standard liner which can be used for most applications is made of Advantex® fiberglass, impregnated in IZO/NPG (neopentyl glycol acid-based isophtalic resin) resin-based polyester mixture. As a result, it is more resistant to the aging process. The curing process is performed by UV radiation. In turn, initialization of coopelymerization process is performed by exposing the composite to UV lamps. This solution significantly reduces the liner curing time.

The final product is characterized by high strength features, as well as the excellent chemical resistance. The liner “high” version is impregnated with vinyl ester resin, which provides its above the average chemical and temperature resistance (up to 90 ° C), while maintaining other strength parameters.

Our liner sets new standards in terms of both safety and CIPP technologies.

Diameter range     DN150-DN1200
Wall thickness range     4mm-20mm
E01 Short-term module     11.000 N/mm2
E50 Long-term module     8.700 N/mm2
Longitudinal tensile strength     100 N/mm2
Bending tensile strength     275 N/mm2
First crack bending deflection     2%