On 8–10 January in Poznań, for the fourth time, the conference “Renovation of Hardened Liners (Sleeves) in place” was held, of which we were a Gold Sponsor. During the event, the Participants discussed the currently most popular method of sewer renovation in the world, ie CIPP (Cured In Place Pipe). ).

During the Conference, a representative of our company – Jeremiasz Siejbik – together with Mariusz Iwanejko from BLEJKAN S.A. gave a lecture entitled “Linings (sleeves): requirements and legitimacy of their use.”

As during previous editions of the event, this time there were also interesting lectures, substantive discussion panels, practical work sessions or attractions, including contests with prizes or a fundraiser for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, in which our company is pleased to took part.

We would like to thank all the Conference participants for their active participation in the event and a nice time.
See you in a year!