Progressive urbanization and constant development of the cities is possible mainly because of efficiently operating underground infrastructure networks. Water supply, sewage collectors, gas pipelines and heat pipelines are the key elements responsible for functioning and further development of the cities. Very often dense urban development and branched underground infrastructure do not allow for sewage renovation using open trench installation and traditional methods. This is the main reason why trenchless technologies are the only possible solution for sewage renovation in those areas.

However, it is not enough to build such a network: it must be properly operated, cleaned and repaired. These operations can be performed by the trenchless technologies which allow for trenchless renovation and even pipes replacement if needed.

Among many trenchless renovation technologies, CIPP is the leader. It means Pipe Cured in Place and almost any kind of industrial underground network can be renovated using this unique method. CIPP process is performed through installation of flexible liners impregnated with chemically or thermosetting resin inside the existing pipes, which after the resin cures creates a new pipe.


CIPP is not a new solution. It is known since 1971, when the first CIPP renovation of 70 meters long egg-shaped brick sewer (1175 x 610 mm) took place in Hackney, Eastern London district. However, the real boom of this technology is experienced nowadays.

Currently, CIPP liners can be used for sewer renovation of any length and shape. Why is it worth choosing? The CIPP method, like other trenchless technologies, is PROFITABLE and SAFE.

CIPP pays off!

Time savings

Projects are carried out fast and effectively – sometimes even sooner than assumed in the investment project.

Cost savings

Renovation based on CIPP significantly lowers the costs as compared to the traditional methods.


Using CIPP as a renovation method gives a guarantee of proper and faultless sewage network functioning for decades.


CIPP is safe

  • CIPP technology is safe for humans and the environment.
  • When renovation processes are carried out in the city center, CIPP allows to reduce the noise and space needed for conducting the works.
  • Outside the urbanized area, trenchless renovation allows to minimize the interference with the nature surrounding the construction site.
  • Moreover, trenchless technologies allow to reduce the exfiltration of sewage into the soil, and above all – significantly decrease CO2 emissions.

CIPP is also known as highly developed technology...which is easy to apply.

Experts are continuously working on development of this promising trenchless renovation method. Although, the products and equipment available nowadays are extremely innovative and technologically advanced, it is not complicated to use them in practice.

Due to continuous development of trenchless technology, parameters of the renovated sewage may be even better than the initial ones. Liners available today make the sewage stronger, more durable and smoother, while their capacity increases.