On 20-21 January 2021 we had the pleasure of taking part in the 5th Conference “Rehabilitation with Cured In-Place Pipe Liners”, of which we were the Gold Sponsor. During the event, which was held 100% online, attendees could listen to a paper entitled “Quality control of fiberglass CIPP liners on the example of the products by POliner sp. z o.o.”, which was presented by Paulina Stopa, our company’s representative, as well as learn our offer at the virtual exhibition stand.

The program of this year’s Conference included 14 papers and three discussion panels, during which we talked about such issues as quality control of renovation liners, resins and curing methods, testing of CIPP liners, and guidelines for acceptance of rehabilitation works that use CIPP technology – which are being developed by the Polish Association of Trenchless Technologies. Discussion also focused on significant new products and technologies which appeared on the market over the past year and their changes, as well as interesting implementation projects.

Multimedia shows held in between the sessions were an additional attraction.

Together with the Organizers, we would like to thank the Participants for taking part in the event.

A full photo gallery and coverage of the Conference at: http://bit.ly/relacja_CIPP2021