Gliding foils

Before inserting liner into a host pipe, there is a special gliding foil placed first. The gliding foil is important during the entire process, because it is an excellent protection for the liner.

Even though any obstacles in the pipeline are removed by the milling robot, some sharp edges can remain and damage the liner. As a result water can get into contact with the laminate causing its “soaping”. As a consequence it may cause insufficient curing or even the liner can leak.

The main purpose of the gliding foil pulled onto the bottom of a host pipe is to prevent this type of damages. It also increases the quality of the renovation process.
Our gliding foil has a low friction coefficient, thus it requires significantly less forces during insertion.
Moreover, before heavy liners are pulled, additional wetting paste can be placed between the gliding foil and the liner, reducing the surface friction, and thus reducing forces during the liner installation.

No. Pipe diameter DN [mm]   Roll width [mm]   Length on roll [m]
Above Inclusive
1. 200 250 350 240
2. 250 400 500 240
3. 400 500 750 240
4. 500 650 950 240
5. 650 1000 1150 240
6. 1000 1200 1350 240