Sliding foil

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Before a liner is inserted into a host pipe, a sliding foil is pulled inside the latter to prevent any damage of the liner during the insertion process.

The sliding foil we offer has a low coefficient of friction, which significantly reduces the forces required when pulling in the liner. In the case of high-weight liners, special anti-adhesion agents can be additionally inserted between the sliding foil and the liner, which reduces the force required to pull in the liner even more.

No. Pipe diameter DN [mm] Roll width [mm] Length on roll [m]
Over Up to
1. 200 250 350 240
2. 250 400 500 240
3. 400 500 750 240
4. 500 650 950 240
5. 650 1000 1150 240
6. 1000 1200 1350 240