Jeans spreads

Protective jeans are the optimal protection solution against? Overenlargement of the liner. They protect CIPP I liners and UV liners against opening at the ends, as well as in the place where the “plugs – packers” are made and in the intermediate manholes, where the liner is “free” form the pipe (no “liner support”).

Our safety spreads are made of tear-resistant, durable cotton material and are especially designed for CIPP liners installation. Standard length we offer is L = 1.60 m.

For easy spread installation in the intermediate manholes we offer protective jeans with a zipper. They are applied on the liner in intermediate manholes after it is pulled into the sewer. Alternatively, the jeans spreads can be factory installed, on request.

We offer jeans spreads with or without a zipper, with diameter range between from ø150 to ø1200 and standard length of L = 1600 mm. Jeans spreads with customized parameters are also available at the customers’ request.