PWiK Bytom sp. z o.o., a sub-contractor of Instal Warszawa S.A., installed first liners at the Elbląg based wastewater treatment plant. The rehabilitation of two steel pipelines formed part of a project task entitled “Reconstruction and Expansion of a Wastewater Treatment Plant at ul. Mazurska 47 in Elbląg”. The whole scope of works carried out by PWiK Bytom is the rehabilitation of over 1100 m of different-diameter pipelines. The scope also involves pressure sewer lines. PWiK Bytom intends to rehabilitate all pipelines using specialized POliner liners

Since there are curves along the sewer route, the rehabilitation will be made using felt-type liners, known for their high flexibility and very good fit to the shape of any pipe. The specific product that was used was POliner Felt liner (previously called Mazur Liner II) having a diameter of 1000 and 1200 mm, and thickness of 21 mm and 24 mm, respectively. First, a 58.5 m long pipeline carrying activated sludge out of the bottom of a secondary settling tank was rehabilitated, and then a 42.1 m long pipeline transporting treated wastewater from the biological reactor to the secondary settling tank. The liner was put in place using the water inversion method.