POliner Glass Spiral

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CIPP liner made of glass fiber are impregnated with polyester or vinyl ester resins and produced by the winding method.

Used as a backing material, Advantex® glass fiber is characterized by increased resistance to the aging process. Impregnated with unsaturated polyester or vinyl ester resin, in the winding process, create an extremely durable structure. The resins, after curing process, as the final product do not cause any harm to the environment.

The initiation of the copolymerization process is carried out, depending on the type of product, by irradiating the composite with UV, UV-LED or thermally.

Due to their design, the POliner Glass Spiral liners are characterized by even greater tear resistance and increased flexibility, enabling them to overcome arcs even up to several degrees.

Application: pressureless sewage networks, industrial pipelines

Diameter range: DN200 – DN400


POliner Glass Spiral


DN200 – DN400

Wall thickness range

PN-EN 11296-4:2011

3 mm – 6 mm

Short-term modulus of elasticity (E0)

PN-EN ISO 178:2011

≥ 13 000 MPa

Long-term modulus of elasticity (Ex)

PN-EN 1228:1999

≥ 8 000 MPa

Flexural stress at break

PN-EN ISO 178:2011

≥ 200 MPa

Curing process