POliner Intense

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CIPP liner for special projects, dedicated to pressure and non-pressure sewage networks.

Used as a carrier, chemically and corrosion-resistant, reinforced glass fiber. Thanks to its special design, it ensures the transfer of tensile stresses caused by internal pressure in the channel. The PVC foil used as an outer membrane ensures safe installation of the liner, even in the extreme conditions in the sewer, such as groundwater infiltration or losses in the conduit structure. In the impregnation process, the CIPP liner is impregnated with a special vinyl ester resin, demonstrating the best strength parameters. POliner Intense will be used for renovation of pipes in III technical condition.

The process of copolymerization is initiated by irradiating the composite with UV, UV-LED rays or thermally.

Application: pressure sewage networks, non-pressure sewage networks, industrial pipelines

Diameter range: DN150 – DN1250


POliner Intense


DN150 – DN1250

Wall thickness range

PN-EN 11296-4:2011

3 mm – 18 mm

Short-term modulus of elasticity (E0)

PN-EN ISO 178:2011

≥ 20500 MPa

Long-term modulus of elasticity (Ex)

PN-EN 1228:1999

≥ 16000 MPa

Flexural stress at break

PN-EN ISO 178:2011

≥ 200 MPa

Curing process