Sewerage point repairs

Point repairs

In addition to the trenchless repairs with CIPP “long liners” technology, we also offer sewer point repairs on a shorter length than between two manholes, using the short liner method called “packer”. The “short liner” repairs are conducted on a sewers with diameters from 200 to 1000 mm using 0,5 m to 8,0 m long fibre-glass liners, impregnated with epoxy or silicate resin mixtures inserted along the length of the pipe.

Laterals repair

Other point repairs we carry out include sealing the lateral connections to the main sewers using hat profiles or packer-hats impregnated with silicate or epoxy resin mixtures. The laterals sealing with hat profiles or paker-hats are conducted for connections with diameter ranging from DN100 to DN250 mm.