Sewerage trenchless renovation

Trenchless renovation of sewage networks / rainwater / sanitary / industrial networks

We offer comprehensive trenchless renovation services of various sewage systems: rainwater, sanitary and industrial, using cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) technology in compliance with PN-EN ISO 11296-4: 2011.

We can renovate sewer pipes of different sizes and shapes, such as egg, bell, round, square or rectangular-shaped, with diameters range from DN200 mm to DN2000mm.

As part of our services we offer renovation of lateral connections using hat profiles sealing system. We also renovate sewage chambers and manholes using mechanical spraying technology or manual application of construction chemicals, as well as thin-walled GRP panels.

Our services include: manholes and sewers cleaning, CCTV inspection, pre-implementation photo documentation of manholes, laterals and chambers, preparation to renovation, renovation of manholes, laterals and sewer pipes, as well as post-completion inspection.

During renovation of rainwater, sanitary or industrial networks we use our own liners or materials provided by the customer.

Depending on the requirements and conditions, liners are cured with steam, hot water or UV rays.

Our liners are customized to meet the expectations of our clients. It’s important, however, to point out, that there may differ in parameters in terms of the material type, its strength, thickness or chemical resistance.

During the renovation works we also create full documentation of sewer networks.

We offer:

  • replacement of sewer manholes,
  • trenchless CIPP renovation of sewer lateral lines,
  • manholes and sewage chambers renovation with the construction chemicals or GRP panels,
  • complex sewer pipes renovation of rainwater, sanitary and industrial sewage systems using CIPP liners with diameters ranging from DN200 to DN2000.